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現代人的繁忙,每日有許多的事情需要處理和思考。Guardvie 幫您將每日例行流程簡化;讓保養和生活,不再因為複雜而造成您的負擔。清爽,就能洗靜肌膚和內心的煩雜髒汙;簡單、高效的追求,為您帶來全方位的守護。

People are busy now, there are so many things to deal with and think about.
Guardvie helps you simplify your daily routine.
Let the maintenance and life burden you with complexity no more.
Refreshing can clean the skin and your inner stain.
Bring you a full range of protection with the pursuit of simplicity and efficiency.


The ocean nurture the pure vitality
Washes the outside with the addiontional burden
And it guards every essence of true